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Many home suffer old roofs and leaks. If not taken care of right away, severe damage will be caused to the interior of your home, making the repair even more expensive.  Even the smallest leak deserves attention.

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5.0 Rating

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Our expertise on repairs

Missing Shingles

Shingles are there to drain water off your roof, If any are missing, it means water is leaking directly onto your roof decking and into your atttic.

Damaged Valley

A valley is where two pitches meet. When it rains, the valley area is full of running water. Any small hole or damaged shingle can cause a leak.

Bad Chimney Flashing

Aged chimneys are a waters favorite place to visit. Often the chimney flashing will detach and let water in.

Cracked Vent Seal

Pipe boots are placed around a vent pipe. Over time, the rubber sealing the pipe will crack causing leakage

Ridge Vent

Ridge vents are commonly torn off by wind or damaged by it.

Bad Step Flashing

Step flashing prevents water from entering places where a roof meets the wall. If the flashing is missing or damaged, a leak is happening

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Josh Paplanus

Serge and the rest of the Kornerstone roofing team were fantastic! We had a great experience with them.

Mike Moreland

What a great experience! Sergey and his crew are one of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with.

Lindsay Hogan

They were amazing! They fixed my problem and a great price! Will definitely do business with them in the future! Awesome job!

Lynda Decker

Serge was very honest about the condition of everything and we highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for great quality roofing.

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